Finding The Perfect Fit: A Guide on Correct Shoe Sizing

Welcome to Goat Kicks, where we understand that every step should be comfortable and every design must make a statement. When purchasing your sneaker, one thing reigns supreme - ensuring the correct shoe size. This guide empowers you to accurately determine your shoe size from the convenience of your own home. Get ready to elevate your shoe game! 

Print out the following two pages to create an accurate foot measurement device. Right-click to download both images.

Figure 1: Page 1/2

Figure 2: Page 2/2

Once you have printed out the document, line up the first page to the second like this.

Figure 3: Papers side by side

Place a membership card in the bottom box and adjust the papers to ensure both pages are aligned accurately. Then tape the two pages together to ensure they stay in place for the next step.

Figure 4: Alignment

Figure 5: Measurement of foot

Place the appropriate foot on the paper and observe which size is displayed. In Figure 5, you can observe that the largest toe falls at size US 9.5 Men's.

If your measurements fall between two sizes, choose the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit. For my personal preference, I went up half a size for a more comfortable fit in the Air Force 1's.

Keep in mind that the displayed numbers on the sheet represent Men's US sizing. Add 1.5 to the size you get to convert it into Women's US sizing.

Furthermore, you can use Figure 6 to convert your measurements to other sizes.

Figure 6: Size Chart for Men & Women 

We appreciate your engagement in the instructional content provided. Now that you can determine your accurate shoe size, explore our curated selection of custom sneakers here.

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